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SG Consulting and Data (SGCD) provides a service in organizational consulting and data analytics. SGCD, provides a unique operant conditioning, cognitive psychology and growth mindset approach that provides intensive support to agencies and organizations. Each service is unique and fees vary based on organizational needs. 

Changing the Mindset Inc.

Changing the Mindset behavior and cognitive-based model benefits individuals seeking to change perceptions and encourage behavior modification. The problem-solving approach utilizes the theories of operant condition, cognitive psychology and growth mindset as insight to guide and encourage perceptual and behavioral change. Changing the Mindset approach to problem solving allows an individual to apply the theories of reasoning, decision-making, and judgment to evaluate a situation and analyze factors for a successful outcome.

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Changing The Mindset Model Implementation Guides

Changing the Mindset is an initiative of SG Consulting and Data that provides intensive professional development and support to agencies or individuals interested in utilizing the 4 designed implementation guides. The implementation guides were developed from the “Changing the Mindset” behavior and cognitive- based model. Each implementation guide is developed using the fundamentals of operant conditioning, growth mindset and cognitive psychology.



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